LEVEL UP CAST NOTES And Other Beam Important News

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5/26/2017 #LevelUp Cast Notes with Matt & James

General Information

  • Beam is now Mixer
  • Telltale Integration with Mixer = CrowdPlay
  • Co-Streaming is now available (start all the streams, click the 3 dots by your name top left and start co-stream) All chats will be combined so all mods from all channel will be mods. If a mod bans a person that person will be banned from the streamers stream that the particular mod came from & is watching.
  • Mobile Streaming = Mixer Create App Android is out on Beta to everyone & iOS will be available to pro users to test #Soon
  • Mixer Channel One is a 24/7 channel showcasing everything Mixer
  • Check out the Mixer tab on the Xbox Dashboard (if you're in the Alpha Ring)
  • E3 Streams will be in 4K and working hard on making it FTL.
  • If you watch the E3 stream it will (per Matt) “Worth your while”
  • Take a look at the new NY Studio at the Microsoft store on 5th Ave in Manhattan
  • Paladin Charity Invitational
  • Did you see the MixerWorks show last night?
  • Why Mixer? They wanted a goal of bringing communities together with ‘the merge’
  • Mixer put together a Founders Program for the OG Beam streamers which included a gold Beam Badge by your name below your stream, if you are a level 10+ you get 1 free subscription code for 1 month to 1 partner of your choice, if you are level 50+ you received 50k sparks and 1 year of Mixer pro!
  • Go share the #MixerMagic aka #BeamLove
  • Have cool ideas? Share them with us here: ! We love seeing those light bulbs in action!
  • First time ever hitting 1,000 viewers for a LevelUP Cast per Matt
  • Trivia time! 1st account ever made on Beam was BeamLuca then came Matt
  • Fun Fact: Matt was testing out streaming on a site called Chilly.cool and 1st streamer to help on there was Antvenom
  • CRINGE Compilation

5/12/2017 #LevelUp Cast Notes with Kieffer, James/Matt, and Ethan Rothamel

General Information

  • We have tons of new features coming in next few weeks but you need to have a Microsoft login (different from Xbox login)
  • Linking your MSA is SUPER easy! Instructions here
  • Are you having some issues with beam? Please put in a ticket here or email them at Support@Beam.pro
  • Do you have a great idea for Beam? Let us know here.
  • New partnership requirements will go into effect May 15, 750 followers & 50 viewers. However, if you made your Beam account before March 15th, these effects will go into effect on Aug 15th. You get a 3 month extension.
  • Have questions about Beam, tweet to here several of them are waiting to help you out!
  • Have a tasty apple on hand where you want to watch Beam non-stop? Get our iOS app here
  • We support candy, cakes, ice cream and chocolate! Get our Android sugar app here
  • Check out the most recent changelogs here
  • If your Microsoft account is linked up with Beam you will now be alerted on your xbox when your favorite streamers goes live.
  • After E3 Beam will be working on completely changing the VODs
  • SPOILERS: Browse Beam streams this afternoon you’ll see a stream where they will be testing a bunch of behind the scenes stuff.
  • Spoiler from Matt here
  • Check out Matt’s hair here

New Partners

5/5/2017 #LevelUp Cast Notes Interactive 2.0 w/ ProbablePrime, Molly, Gersh, & Greg

General Information

  • We have tons of new features coming in next few weeks but you need to have a Microsoft login (different from Xbox login)
  • Linking your MSA is SUPER easy! Instructions here
  • Are you having some issues with beam? Please put in a ticket here or email them at Support@Beam.pro
  • Do you have a great idea for Beam? Let us know here.
  • New partnership requirements will go into effect May 15, 750 followers & 50 viewers. However, if you made your Beam account before March 15th, these effects will go into effect on Aug 15th. You get a 3 month extension.
  • Have questions about Beam, tweet to #AskABeamPartner several of them are waiting to help you out!
  • FTL Transcoding, New Mobile Experience!

Interactive 2.0

  • Interactive 2.0 what?! WAZDAT?! Confused? Me too! Here you have more info on this new thingamajig bit.ly/2p6CZMy
  • 2.0 is better than 1.0 because it has different protocol, you can know who pressed what button at what time! Double the interactivity!
  • They have a unity plugin for all devs and streamers to use & try!
  • You can easily tie chat and interactive together both our chat and interactive apis are fully open and available to use here
  • Dev.Beam.Pro
  • If you’re not a dev you can still help by providing feedback on games/programs you try from 2.0
  • If you are a student who wants to get into software development study more computer science & do internships to help network with others.
  • https://blog.beam.pro/interactive-2-0-is-here/
  • If you want to change your interactive buttons you can adjust ALL THE THINGS on the fly!
  • There will be spark transactions on all buttons so you cannot lose your sparks anymore!
  • Button groups are a thing now! Want to group your mods vs subs, you can! Want to group red vs blue? You can! Groups can be as small as 1 person up to whatever you chose!
  • If you create a game on the Interactive 2.0 you can put it up on XBox!

New Partners

4/28/2017 #LevelUp Cast Notes Dealing with Trolls & Chat Moderation w/ Exellion & JadedCat

General Information

  • We have tons of new features coming in next few weeks but you need to have a Microsoft login (different from Xbox login)
  • Are you having some issues with beam? Please put in a ticket here or email them at Support@Beam.pro
  • Do you have a great idea for Beam? Let us know here.
  • New partnership requirements will go into effect May 15, 750 followers & 50 viewers. However, if you made your Beam account before March 15th, these effects will go into effect on Aug 15th. You get a 3 month extension.
  • Have questions about Beam, tweet to #AskABeamPartner several of them are waiting to help you out!

Trolls & Moderation

  • Beam Enforcement is here to help you! However you need to do as much as you & your mods can do first.
  • Don’t give the trolls what they want (attention). Imagine they are a 4 y/o who aren’t getting what they want.
  • Have a great moderate team & a good bot to help you deal with trolls
  • If a moderator bans you from a streamers stream, do NOT email enforcement; it’s up to the streamer and their mods to unban you.
  • IP bans aren’t nearly as good as people think it is. Trolls can rotate IPs super easy & if they ban a College IP then no one else from College can view Beam.
  • Beam has new tools coming to help Mods dealing with trolls.

New Partners

4/21/2017 #LevelUp Cast Notes Partnership with MKtheWorst, Amelia Carter, Ethan Rothamel

General Information

  • We have tons of new features coming in next few weeks but you need to have a Microsoft login (different from Xbox login)
  • Dealing with Trolls? Graph suggests to imagine them being little 2 inch people on your desk and suddenly the whole situation becomes hilarious.
  • You can’t stream via your tablet or phone….. Yet! #Soon
  • Beam app is out to everyone on Xbox1 with FTL! Now it’s so easy to start streaming.
  • Earlier this month Win 10 native streaming came out. In your game hit windows key + G = instant streaming. More info about the Win10 Creators Update here.
  • Are you having some issues with beam? Please put in a ticket here or email them at Support@Beam.pro
  • Do you have a great idea for Beam? Let us know here.
  • Stream with sub-second latency with our FTL now on PC with XSplit & OBS.
  • Check out the weekly changelogs.
  • Beam will be at E3 and Pax West! Will you?
  • Beam has an open community discord; come join!


  • New partnership requirements will go into effect May 15, 750 followers & 50 viewers. However, if you made your Beam account before March 15th, these effects will go into effect on Aug 15th.
  • You get a 3 month extension. If you want to apply for partnership make sure you have at least 2-4 months of constant growth.
  • There are exceptions for partnership; artistic streams, nighttime streams, super unique streams.
  • Newest partner perk is the XBox community calendar
  • If you share your stream with several people you can be partnered; example is OutPost & SMBLive
  • Partners do NOT get better bandwidth atm; but they do get more transcoding options than everyone else.
  • You don’t need to grind and stream all day to be a partner; several stream only 3-4 hours a day a few days a week.
  • Don’t be that guy that helps boost numbers during a “partnership push” just to leave when they get partnership to help someone else; it’s completely soul crushing and you aren’t helping them. You’re giving them false sense of security & hope.
  • If you have a large branding elsewhere (vines, youtube, etc) you can be a partner here; staff will check out your social medias and communities and will hold you to higher standards.
  • Have questions about Beam, tweet to #AskABeamPartner several of them are waiting to help you out!
  • Yes, you can lose your partnership with Beam; no not because you aren’t hitting your numbers anymore.

New Partners


4/7/2017 #LevelUp Cast Notes LuclinFTW. Mrs. Luclin, & Nathan Yim #AskBeam

General Information

  • #BeamThemeWeek! Check out photos from #MightyMonday & #ThursdayOfTheDead.
  • It’s Brady’s Birthday!
  • Beam app is out to everyone on Xbox1 with FTL! Now it’s so easy to start streaming.
  • Next week (April 11th) Win 10 native streaming. In your game hit windows key + G = instant streaming. More info about the Win10 Creators Update here.
  • Are you having some issues with beam? Please put in a ticket here or email them at Support@Beam.pro
  • Do you have a great idea for Beam? Let us know here.
  • Want to work for Beam? Look here.
  • Stream with sub-second latency with our FTL now on PC with XSplit & OBS.
  • Check out the weekly changelogs.
  • We have no plans for a spark store ATM but we have lots of plans in the work!
  • Per Nathan; stay tuned for overlays on the Beam App.
  • Beam will be at E3 and Pax West! Will you?
  • Beam has an open community discord; come join!

New Partners

3/31/2017 #LevelUp Cast Notes with Exellion, Kieffer, & Nathan Yim #AskBeam

General Information

  • The XBox app released this week!
  • Beam Theme Week! Lots of giveaways! Find partners for the giveaways!
  • Did you know that Beam has an Unofficial Open Discord for everyone to join?!?!
  • Ethan Rommel & Red Rapture getting Married today; send them well wishes & the #BeamLove here!
  • Are you having some issues with beam? Please put in a ticket here or email them at Support@Beam.pro
  • Do you have a great idea for Beam? Let us know here.
  • Want to work for Beam? Look here.
  • Stream with sub-second latency with our FTL now with XSplit & OBS.
  • Check out the weekly changelogs.

3/24/2017 #LevelUp Cast Notes with Matt Salsamendi & Stefan Slivinski #AskBeam

General Information

  • Please make sure to check out the updated Privacy Policy TLDR: If you have people talking on your stream make sure you have their permission first!
  • Beam has an unofficial official discord; come hang out!
  • Did you know you can /giveaway in your chat to do a random viewer giveaway.
  • Beam rolled out with a few fixes and you can spam emotes without it affecting chat.
  • They are working on improving the mobile app.
  • Check out the weekly changelogs here.
  • FTL Transcoding? Yes please! #SpringSoon.
  • SPOILER: Beam is experimenting with bigger emotes!
  • Beam rolled out with several fixed last night to help with the Bot Spam.
  • Did you see Markiplier streaming on Beam few days ago? He was using X-Split FTL.
  • Happy Birthday Graph!


Beam now has an unofficial open discord for all viewers, streamers, partners, staff, and mods to communicate in. You can join & be a part of the #BeamFamily

3/17/2017 #LevelUp Cast Notes featuring the New Community Engagement Specialist

General Information

  • New Engagement Specialist RocketBear & Eneija
  • They are in charge of helping with Conventions, blog posts, tweets, forum posts, community programs like the emojis contest
  • Eneija started her career when she found photoshop on her mom’s PC back in 8th grade. She enjoyed drawing Neopets.
  • Rocketbear always drew while in school when he was young. He admits to getting into trouble ALL the time.
  • Ethan Rothamel will be missing the next few #LevelUP casts because he’s getting married!
  • It’s Phlog & Firebottle’s birthday
  • Check out this cute bear Graph made for Rocketbear!

3/3/2017 #LevelUp Cast Notes featuring Stephen, MKtheWorst, Hutch, and Darinee

General Information

  • New Staff coming on! They are doubling their FTL team!
  • Pax East: Beam will be streaming from XBox & Gamewisp booth
  • Pax East: Beam Panel is at 3pm in Albatross Theater
  • There WILL be a #LevelUp Cast next week friday from Pax; might be different time
  • Beam Interactive 2.0


Beam Wave

Soundboards are cool, but Interactive 2.0 is on the way! Dynamic controls, teams, it doesn't stop. Check it out here

2/24/2017 Level UP Cast Featuring Engineer Team (Andrew Thomas & Hutch White)


General Information

  • Beam will be at Pax East on a panel on Sunday & broadcasting from the Xbox booth. They have TONS of Beam swag to give away! More details coming next week.
  • The Xbox MVP’s have been hanging around the Beam home office all this week
  • Notifications are working on Beam 2.0
  • You can now export your analytics
  • Mature Streams are shown on the front page!
  • Xbox app: #Soon
  • Andrew keeps sandwiches in his pockets because “you never know when you’ll need one” (check out Andrew trying to pop some popcorn by putting it into his back pocket)
  • Tweet @Beam your ideas for a #BeamSandwich

Meet some of the Engineer Team

  • Andrew Thomas: I’ve been told that my job is to go get the coffee but really I’m a front end execu-developer. Recently I’ve been playing a lot of retro games like Chrono Trigger, Final Fantasy 6, then I also love Horizon Zero Dawn, OverWatch and I’m a HUGE Diablo nerd. Some of my hobbies include spending time with my wife, working out at the gym, and playing around in After Effects.

  • Hutch White: My official title is Master of the Universe but I’m a front end developer and work on the Xbox app. The best part about working at Beam is all the food they have here! I really enjoy to build with Legos and furniture. Right now I’m currently playing Gears of Wars and COD but when I’m playing with my kids we play Yoshi’s Woolly World.

2/17/2017 The Beam App Arrives on the Xbox One for Insiders Starting Today! Read all about it here!

Beam Level UP Cast Featuring: Jaded Cat with Enforcement's

General Information

  • Both Ethans wants a stick figure Tattoos from JadedCat (not really)
  • Game search is live! Send bugs to Beam.pro/Contact
  • Xbox App is LIVE!!! (for Alpha insiders only) Read about it here.
  • Windows 10 window gaming bar will be live #soon


Let’s Talk about Enforcement

  • No age restricted items as contests. Can’t give away guns, vaping materials, alcohol, etc
  • No drinking for tips on stream! No tips for shots!
  • You CAN drink & vape on stream but you MUST be at mature rating.
  • If you are doing a giveaway; you have to be clear on what it really is, how to enter, and who can enter. (Yes, you can say you’re giving away a random game key)
  • You CANNOT take tips for tickets to giveaway because it’s not a giveaway it’s now a raffle and raffles are the same as gambling which will BAN your account at the moment.
  • You CAN use in stream currency (bot points.. Not sparks!) for tickets for your giveaways
  • If any sort of real currency is being exchanged for entry of your giveaway = gambling. DON’T DO IT.
  • Not allowed in a Name/Chat/Anywhere on Beam: sexual references to people under 13, racial slurs, hate speech, sexual assault, or saying KYS (Kill Yourself). Your name, avatar and profile needs to be completely G rated because kids can see it anywhere on Beam.
  • Most everything reported will be looked at by content and decided if it’s being used in bad/good context.
  • Staff at any point can come in and remove anything from your channel if it’s being taken too far.
  • If you DON’T want to be raided put {DNR} in the beginning of your stream title!
  • Let your mods handle the small trolls; if you want to report them right click on their name and click report.

Who Get’s The Name?

With the Beam & Xbox coming together with streaming there will be name conflicts so this is how it will be handled.

  • The name needs to be unique to open a request
  • You need to have STRONG proof that you need the name more (remember Beam names are a Brand and gamer tags are a nickname)
  • What we look for in “strong proof”: Registered Trademark, Verified Twitter account, YouTube account linked through Beam with 50,000+ subs, Twitter account linked through Beam with 10,000+ followers, and/or 40,000 followers on Beam.
  • The ONLY EXCEPTION would be if both names have NO branding and the Beam account is not a partner and the person is coming from Xbox Live. Then it will go to the person who has the “name” longer which (most likely) will be the Xbox person since Beam has been around for only 2 years.

Other Information

  • Music: Beam will not say you can or cannot stream any particular music. However we will say ‘Did you create that?’ (look back on rules about streaming original content only)
  • The rating of your channel has to be the minimum of the legal game rating + how you handle your stream. Stick of Truth isn’t a Family Friendly Game
  • LuclinFTW loves Black lipstick
  • Buying & Selling of Beam accounts, you aren’t buying the account, you are buying the password for an account. Any account can be taken away at any point. #BeSmart

The Ethans holding hands

2/10/17 MakeUP Cast with Ethan Rothamel & Ethan Mckinnon

General Information

MakeUP Stream

This LevelUp Cast in a nutshell AKA best gif ever!

1/20/17 LevelUP Cast: Matt Salsamendi & James Boehm talk about Beam 2.0 #December

General Information

Beam 2.0 AKA #December

  • Thank you for reporting all the bugs; fixes are going out like hotcakes
  • You can always switch back to Beam Legacy in your account settings
  • We understand that video is critical when it comes to watching streams; it’s why we updated everything from the ground up. We used HTML5 and flash only as a fall back but chrome is removing their flash player support soon so this was a smart choice.
  • Our FTL (Faster Than Light) is fast, and if you don’t use it you’ll experience some larger latency.
  • Matt & James want to host a Partners Roast them stream. Like it? Love it? What are your thoughts? Tweet to Beam using #PartnersRoast
  • XSplit FTL Beta is now official; you can download it here
  • We are aware that the viewer counts are off and we are working on it
  • James offered to give away a Beam Prototype Hoodie if they reached 10,000 views today.
  • Stay alert.. Several new apps are coming out soon!
  • Android phones have added web RTC so you can watch Beam on the website much better than the App at this moment. (If you have a newer phone)
  • This 2.0 released had a bit more rough edges than they expected but they are working very hard to fix all the issues that are properly reported.
  • You can report bugs here.
  • Partners now have a confetti editor so have fun with it. But not too much fun…
  • Beam is now less strict with with Microsoft/Xbox logins. Matt thinks (don’t quote him) you can now have 3 letter names.
  • You won’t lose your Beam account; you’ll be able to link them together.
  • You can always email Matt at Salsa@xbox.com
  • Read about #December here at Beam’s official Blog.


  • Transcoding for FTL streams
  • ColorBlind Mode
  • FTL for restream.io
  • Xbox app (this winter!)

Beam Hoodies!

It’s official; James just streamed with a Beam Hoodie! He confirmed Blue & Black hoodies will be available #Soon It’s a high quality; super soft, medium thickness hoodie. Check the image here.

New XSplit 2.9 Beta Update with Beam FTL Support: https://www.xsplit.com/blog/new-xsplit-2-9-update-with-ftl-support

1/13/17 All Things FTL with Stefan (Principle Software Engineer) & Kieffer Bryant (Community Program Manager)

General Information:

  • Beamoji contest due by Jan 19th! Global Emote contest rules are here
  • Going to Pax South? Come visit Beam on their 3 pannels all about Streaming 101. Check out the Pax Schedule here
  • Newest Partners: Nozzabox, Pigeonman, & TheJammie
  • #December is open for all pro users to try/test out and it will be open to everyone soon.
  • Have ideas on how to make Beam a better place? http://feedback.beam.pro/


  • “FTL means Faster Than Light but it’s really not faster than light because nothing is faster than light except for FTL” -Stefan 2017
  • FTL is different from RTMP (non-FTL streams) in the sense that RTMP is 10 sec delay average and FTL is 200 m/s delay or less
  • This is how FTL works Average bitrate vs Actual bitrate
  • If your stream goes back to the flash player; it’s because it’s unable to connect to the FTL servers usually because of a firewall, or your browser won’t accept it. We recommend you use Chrome as it’s widely accepted.
  • Photoshop challenge: use this image of Stefan (on left) and this quote “Everyday is a Challenge… or what’s the point?” ~Stefan 2017 Tweet your images to @Beam
  • Better video compression is coming!
  • There is a lot that can change in the future with FTL! #NoSpoilers
  • FTL plugins will be working with XSplit #soon
  • Did you try the new OBS FTL build?
  • Yes Transcoding will be coming to FTL #soon
  • For those of you with less than ideal internet FTL will soon be able to help you out with their auto bitrate!
  • What is the port range for FTL? They are dynamic
  • Still use Tachyon to stream; we will still support for for a little bit.
  • Stefan is Bob Ross #Confirmed: Happy lil Tree, Pigeonman, & a beautiful bowl of spaghetti
  • All the HYPE for Beam Pro!

1/6/17 Level UP Cast Notes: Beam Partnership with Ethan Rommel & Ethan McKinnon

General Information:

Partnership Perks:

  • When you become a partner you get access to the partnership discord
  • BETA test nearly everything on Beam
  • Free Beam Pro every month!
  • 1 free pro & sub to their channel to give away
  • Plus #Secrets

Tips for when you apply:

  • Partnership requirements are 30+ viewers and 300 followers but it’s on a case by case application. Outside social influence (twitter, youtube, etc) help a lot.
  • Remember your partnership application is your cover letter; put some thought, effort and time into it. If you want to express yourself with something extra to the application (video, comic, music, etc) please do! Partner managers look for creativity and the ability to stand out. Do NOT put “I want to be partner” instant denial and you’ll have to wait 90 days to apply again.
  • Prepare yourself for your Partnership interview! Beam looks at your interactivity, your numbers, your social media, how do you represent Beam & the community, what is your 1 year plan, what is your 2 year plan, how would you explain your community to a new person in your channel, etc
  • Branding is SO important when it comes to partnership. Make sure your profile is up to date. DON’T put your tip jar at the top, make sure all your links are correct and spelling is right.
  • If you want to be a partner you need to be active! Watch your chat and always be talking. Don’t know what to talk about? Explain in detail what you are doing in the game.
  • Don’t do a partnership push so hard that you will burn yourself out. Viewers can tell when you are having a “meh” day; just treat everyday the same. It’s okay to take a day off if you’re “meh” people will understand.
  • Think you’re ready to be a partner? Read this first! Other Tips:
  • Don’t be afraid to go into a partner's chat because they will help and will support you. They truly care about smaller streamers, helping others, and seeing you succeed!
  • Typically viewers on Beam follow streamers for the streamer themselves not for the game (unless it’s launch day for a game). So make sure you have a unique personality something memorable to stand out.
  • How do I stand out and get people to notice me? NETWORK but without promoting yourself. Immerse yourself in different communities have them get to know your name so when they see you streaming they say “Hey I know that person from _ community!”
  • Don’t be that person that comes in for a shoutout and then leaves; the streamer knows what you’re doing, it’s rude.
  • Don’t consider partnership as your main source of income (yet) most of the partners still have a full time job.
  • Even people with large outside presence (twitter/youtube/twitch) will still need to apply, there is no ‘insta-partnership’
  • After you are partnered many people try to switch up their stream..DON’T. You were partnered by you doing what you always do. Keep it up. You obviously have a great thing going right now.

Ninety9lives music has gone free for everyone to use (AS LONG AS YOU CREDIT THEM!) so you don't need to buy their music anymore! This is amazing news! HUGE library of music for free! See the announcement on twitter!

12/21/16 #DECEMBER with Matt & James #HYPE

  • Beamoji contest! Global Emote contest rules are here
  • The Beam crew rewrote all of Beam's Front End for the last 4 months #December making it to the best experience EVERYONE EVERYWHERE.
  • #December info here
  • #December MegaThread with known bugs:
  • Brand New Home Page!!! Shows MORE content, soon will feature 18+ streams
  • #WhatDelay 0.1 second latency! (Matt calls it 'ahead of time accompliation')
  • The LevelUP cast video buffered only b/c the 600+ viewer chat took up most of the resources from the page.
  • Mod Tools!!!
  • Text in chat has auto completion & spell checker!
  • New Profile Description Editor that works!!! YAY!
  • You can easily toggle low latency on/off in the settings on the cogwheel in the chat.
  • Still dont' have the new OBS - FTL? Get it here
  • Native Support for XSplit & OBS = VERY CLOSE!!
  • Toggle Viewer Count soon!
  • You can now stream with increased bitrate up to 10 MBPS!!!
  • OBS - FTL 480p quality transcoding option for those who have bad internet.
  • New Polling Features!!
  • New Vod Support coming! (Yes, we know it's a little rough at the moment)
  • You can "scrub" through your VOD! (just like on netflix) and working viewer counts on how many have watched your vod!
  • XBox Live Logins are going to be the main/only way to log into beam soon. (Matt wants open communication for this as he knows many may not like this)
  • Matt's email is Salsa@xbox.com
  • New Beam Logo. Get your branding kit here
  • Stream Setup is SO EASY now! Pick your software & Beam gives you all the details to help you pick best for you!
  • Matt and his forward thinking says that soon 700 viewers in a stream will be "normal"
  • Beam XBox app coming "Winter" wasn't a part of #December
  • Any other information leaks? Mobile stuff coming in the future.
  • Matt is super excited about the evolution of interactive and the HUGE changes coming in 2017 #SaveYourSparks
  • Have ideas for us!?!?! Feedback.Beam.pro
  • There is going to be a BIG RELEASE in middle of January - Early February so expect something big then.
  • Beam was super sneaky and doubled their ingest servers!
  • Beam is looking at ways to expand the 14 day VOD limit option for users
  • Will I be able to see who hit what interactive button soon? Answer: wink & most important of all.....
  • Beam Swag coming soon? #YES!

#December!!! Read all about it here!

12/16/15 Level up Cast Notes MrsLuclin, Graphoniac, Darinee Louvau talk about Women in Gaming!

  • Beam will be at Pax South Next Month and on 3 different panels details to be released later!
  • Welcome Hutch (Aechdub) as a new Beam Developer!
  • New partners: Gfox, KW-Erion, Tidy, & Otaku_Shout
  • https://beam.pro/ge2seattle all weekend! Gears of War 4 eSports content Saturday and Sunday at 6:15pm PST!
  • Beam Global Emote contest rules are here
  • Did you try the new OBS FTL build? TLDR: Auto-ingest is lit!
  • Next week will be a HUGE LEVEL UP CAST WEEK!!!
  • If you don't have Pro and you're a streamer you'll want it by next week! HINT HINT


How did you start gaming? What games do you like? What advice do you have for Females getting into Gaming Industry?

Graph: I love puzzle games especially Portal, I enjoy MMO's like WoW and right now I love Overwatch. I was lucky and had parents who gamed and we had a NES when I was 1 or 2 years old. To be a female in gaming industry you need to be brave, have gamer power, inclusion for all You shouldn’t be a feminist by being #antimale, make teammates, make allies, treat everyone as equal without gender.

Mrs.Luclin: I love MMO's that I can play with my husband, I only started gaming when we got married and actually on our 5 year anniversary my husband set up a complete in game (Star Wars) wedding complete with dress and we renewed our vows in the game with all our friends. My advice for ladies in the gaming field is to make sure you're happy and it’s what you really want to do. Me as a teen I never thought i’d be here today, in fact I wanted to be a lawyer.

Darinee: My older brother got me into gaming; you know sibling rivalry. I enjoy playing MMO's, I even got my kids to learn how to game by having them play Peggle & minecraft. In Fact my oldest plays Halo with me right now. My advice for women in gaming industry is that Platforms are trying to make an enjoyable time for everyone so encourage others to play.

How to handle trolls? Talk to other streamers and find out how they handle them. Have a great mod team available to help out! Typically you don't want to feed the trolls, but if you feel that you can reach out do it with respect.

Why do trolls attack women? They don't always attack women, they attack anyone who seems like they will get a good reaction out of, it could be an emotional male.

How should we handle the bad stereotype of "girl gamers"? Honestly, if you don't like what you see, turn it off. Don't add to their viewer numbers and push their stream up higher in the list. Just like anyone you see and you don't enjoy, go watch someone else.

Have you ever taken the harassment to heart? How do you cope?

Graph- I cry, go silent, find someone who I trust and we go play Overwatch and kill people, then I reconnect with the truth. My 3rd stream trolls came in and made me shut down my stream my mods couldn't keep up with them. It affected me so bad I almost quit streaming, but I saw my girls playing on the xbox and realized if I quit I was showing them that quitting at the first hurdle is okay. I needed to be strong for them.

Heather- I stream to inspire people, losing my son was biggest hurdle, i have compassion for everyone. It’s okay if you're going through a hard time, just remember that you are never alone.

Darinee- I enjoy the technical challenge, and the intelligent conversations. I love making an impact on the world, empowering others.

Go to Twitter and Tag @MrsLuclin and use #WhyShesHeather and explain why she is who she is. Example

Newest OBS will always be found at here

12/9/16 Level up Cast Notes Pizza Hut | Xbox Interactive Stream with Ethan Rommel, LuclinFTW, and MithZanmax

  • Pizza Hut & Xbox are teaming up giving away a bunch of stuff. Find Details here & here Or register to get a free code for chance to win
    (Fine Print) *NO PURCHASE OR PAYMENT NECESSARY TO ENTER OR WIN. A purchase will not increase your chances of winning a prize. The Pizza Hut Holiday Triple Treat Box Hourly Xbox One S Instant Win Game & Sweepstakes starts on 11/7/16 at 12:00 PM ET and ends on 12/24/16 at 11:59:59 PM ET. Entry codes available on specially marked boxes while supplies last. Visit PizzaHut.com/XboxOne for Official Rules, including instructions on how to obtain codes and enter without a purchase, prize details, restrictions, and terms and conditions of participation. Must be a legal resident of the 50 US/DC & 18 years or older. Void where prohibited. INSTANT WIN GAME: A potential winner will be notified on average once every hour during the Promotion: Xbox One S with custom Pizza Hut controller and a standard Xbox One S controller (“Instant Win Game Prize”). Limit 1 prize per person. The ARV of each Instant Win Game Prize is $420. There will be 1,140 Instant Win Game Prizes available. SWEEPSTAKES: A potential winner will be notified after the end of the Promotion: a Samsung 65" 8-Series 4K SUHD TV, sound system (5 Series 1000W 5.1 Ch. 3D/Smart Blu-ray), and Xbox One S console and game (“Sweepstakes Prize”). The ARV of the Sweepstakes Prize is $2,500. There will be 1 Sweepstakes Prize available in this Promotion. Sponsor: Pizza Hut, LLC. 7100 Corporate Drive, Plano, TX 75024. Offer terms: Must purchase specially marked Triple Treat Box, while supplies last, to participate. Save $10 off a select Xbox One game at www.microsoftstore.com/pizzahut. Offer valid 11/7/2016 – 12/31/2016, while supplies last. Limited quantity available. Available only in U.S. Microsoft online store. Promo code expires 6/30/2017. Other exclusions and limits may apply. See PizzaHut.com/XboxOne for complete terms and conditions. Microsoft and The Hershey Company are not sponsors.
  • Check out Matt Eating Pizza


  • "If you build it... they will come" might be slow or fast but as long as you are having fun it will grow
  • If you're not having fun... you're doing something wrong.
  • If you focus on negatives nothing positive can happen
  • Engage chat and don't be afraid to ask them questions about your stream
  • Social media is huge; commit to using the social media accounts
  • It's so easy to be discouraged; don't look at numbers; not everyone will be an overnight rockstar
  • Make sure to love what you do! It's obvious if you don't.
  • Always be humble, everyone was a "small streamer" at one point.
  • It's super tough to balance IRL and streaming. It's really stressful but it's fun.
  • If you are going to go FT jump all the way in, but know what you are getting into.
  • if you split stream it's super hard to focus on growing as your viewers and attention are split. It's good as a transition.
  • You don't need to have top notch quality or the best of everything to be an entertaining streamer!!!
  • Anyone can be a "big" streamer
  • Play what you want to play not just because it's the top game
  • Watch your VOD's!
  • Don't EVER promote yourself in other people's streams. It's extremely rude!
  • How to chose mods? Look at who is always in your streams, people who interact, give advice, use your commands, and help out.
  • Always try to use a schedule! Think of it like TV; you know when your favorite TV shows are on people want to count on their favorite streamers being on same times as well.

Interactive Pizza Building Event:

Actual Pizza
Cheers to good Pizza!

12/2/16 Level UP Cast Featuring JadedCat & Ethan_Rommel

  • 2 new support staff members! Anaphylactic & Synbuh (Simba)
  • New Partner Coordinator: MKTheWorst
  • New Partner OutReach: LuclinFTW
  • Get working on your Beam wide emotes (24x24 .png files) rules & details come out next week.
  • X-Box app #December #SoonTM
  • Jade says: "Stop asking about grey areas on streaming. You cannot use others people's content without their permission. Includes MUSIC, VIDEO, etc. If you need to ask hire a lawyer to figure it out. Get familiar with your state and local laws." If you are unsure if it's original content if someone can go to another site to watch it, then it's not original.
  • If you get a solid & real report about you; Jaded, Cross, and/or a few others will come talk to you about the issue at hand. Don't cuss them out: doesn't help you. Be nice they might let you off with warning.
  • Bans only happen with Threats and Hate Speech
  • You can appeal a ban at Support@Beam.Pro (again.. dont' cuss them out)
  • When you report someone right click on their name and click on "Report" it will auto screen-shot last several lines of text and send it onto the correct people. Once you "report" then you can "ban" them.
  • If you "Ban" first it deletes everything and staff can't help unless you have screen shots
  • If you have amazing internet doesn't mean your nodes are amazing in the traceroute. You can check your route/ping here or Read a tutorial here
  • If you have amazing ideas or just normal ones list them here
  • Partnership numbers will change as Beam Grows: No dates set in stone yet. Keep pushing on!
  • #EthanBlueLipStick HYPE! See image of Ethan as Blue Steel
    See gif of Ethan putting lipstick on

11/18/16 LevelUP Cast James & Kieffler Bryant (& Jaded Cat) Q&A w/ ROCKET LEAGUE

  • Kieffler is the Community Program Manager
  • User Submitted Emoticons #Soon!
  • Beam is getting Merch soon but no plans for a "Beam Store" as of now
  • VOD changes coming soon! #December
  • Matt posts all the Change Logs in the forums!
  • Don't use the forums... sign up and check it out! Lots of helpful advice on there!
  • Want/Need to join Beam's Gitter for Developers? Jaded Cat
    *Code of Conduct changes are enforced as of NOW! 1pm pacific time on Nov. 18, 2016
  • If you don't like what you see on a stream and it's not against TOS; go watch another channel
  • They removed the "non-interactive" aspect of streaming and changed it to "non-original" content for reports. Basically: stream YOUR content
  • "Fair usage" protects the streamers not Beam
  • If you have questions you can ALWAYS email Beam at Support@Beam.pro
  • You can stream music however it needs to be YOUR created music
  • You can stream any game unless it's main focus is Nudity &/or Sex (no huniepop or Genital Jousting etc)
  • Age Restricted Content = your channel rating!
  • If you are smoking, vaping, drinking liquor, you channel MUST BE SET TO MATURE aka 18+ NO EXCEPTIONS
  • Mature = 18+ | Teen = 13-17
  • You can stream with your kids if you are there with them
  • They are working on an Age Verification System that will be in place #soon
  • Mature Streams WILL be on the front page of Beam when the new age verification system is in place
  • Kieffer has a USB Christmas Tree in his pocket
  • James had a brand new jar of Peanut Button in his pocket (don't ask how)
  • Have an idea you want to share with Beam? Use FeedBack.Beam.Pro

We've made some changes to our Code of Conduct! Read the full changelog here.

11/11/16 LevelUP Cast Matt & James Q&A while Matt plays Forza

  • New Logo #December
  • Mature Stream settings are still being hashed out on rules. HOWEVER if you stream a mature game you HAVE to be a mature stream. i.e. playing GTAV but just driving around.. you HAVE to be on Mature Settings b/c the GAME is a mature game.
  • FeedBack.Beam.Pro - they use your ideas for beam i.e. whispers!
  • OBS FTL 15 0.16.4
  • Problems streaming on Beam with dropped frames and you have the Win 10 Anniversary update? Make sure you use the latest version of OBS, recent patch went out to help!
  • Level up cast goes Interactive soon! #January
  • Contact Matt at Salsa@xbox.com
  • FTL is free and will always be free for everyone to use
  • Profile Editor Flexibility #Yes #Soon
  • No gif emotes because uses too much bandwidth and mostly used to troll streamers
  • Community Devs should/will be excited for #January
  • Emote only chat will be a thing! #Soon
  • Emote art contest for Beam wide emotes still in process!
  • IOS update hitting next week!
  • Android patch #Yes #Soon
  • FTL transcoding... maybe #December?
  • Matt said #December is all about Making Beam work for everyone, no matter the device you use to watch, where, or streams you watch. #HYPE
  • It's FireBottle's birthday! (again)

11/4/16 LevelUP Cast -Interview with Graph!

  • #BOOP see gif here
  • Beam is hiring for Support (support tickets) apply here
  • Beam is hiring for other positions! apply here
  • CubFan135 & WindowsCentral are newest partners
  • Expect to see 7 new partners by the next Level UP Cast!
  • Partnership Program includes Monetization Content, Emotes, Faster Support, and much more!
  • Requirements for partnership - 300+ followers, 30+ viewers (for 2+ months!), stream on beam for 2 months, however Graph and her team looks everywhere for numbers, twitter, youtube, other sites.
  • You can apply for partnership via your beam dashboard
  • Right now Graph has over 200 applications in from this week!!!
  • Partnership isn't just a button! It's a friendship with Beam staff & partners
  • Several stages to getting partnership -> Graph reads 100% of EVERY single application (hint: she LOVES the creative ones!) she checks out EVERY link that is in there, -> looks at your Beam channel, looks at every link there -> watches your Twitter & VODS -> phone/discord interview -> then talks to the Beam team about you -> then you'll get a response.
  • Have Questions: check out this: & this
  • If you are denied it's okay, you'll be given 3 months to improve your channel.
  • Don't worry about the number of people who aren't there, focus on the people who are there!
  • Graph looks for consistent growth in numbers, watches patterns for a 2 month period of time.
  • Expectations of Partners: to represent Beam with a Positive & loving attitude; our partners are our ambassadors.
  • JadedCat "We give everyone a clean slate when they join Beam. We do not base our decisions on past actions on other sites. People change, and their past shouldn't impact them forever."
  • Beam Pro users get a cool Purple name in chat, 2x sparks, and 1st opportunity to test our new features!! #December (Graph says you'll WANT to be pro for #December!)
  • Feedback.Beam.Pro

10/28/16 Level UP Cast Notes

10/21/2016 Beam Level up Cast

  • MinecraftCon photo show; they loved meeting all of you that there were there.
  • Beam will be at GDEX in Columbus, Ohio on Oct. 29th & 30th!
  • Beam Clothes soon!!
  • Sneak peak at New Logo soon! (Maybe next week....?)
  • Check out Feedback.Beam.pro
  • Dogs or Cats? Dogs won majority vote at 40% cats tied with Mappa at 30% each
  • Bunch of partners coming this week!
  • Bringing on a few new Partner Managers!
  • Want to work at Beam? Apply here
  • Check out Feedback.Beam.pro
  • New FTL released! Get it here
  • Front page of Beam will be revamped soon! Spotlights planned for both partners and non-partners
  • Are you an artist? Want to create emotes for beam? #Beammotes! Rules/instructions coming soon!
  • ThemeStreams happening soon if you're local to Washington State!
  • Mrs. Luclin is planning on a HUGE pizza Interactive Stream in November
  • Check out Feedback.Beam.pro
  • James's Halloween costume is a brand new suit
  • Check out Feedback.Beam.pro
  • This winter Beam is coming as an XBox app! (no exact date yet) #December!

Beam Level Up Cast Notes 10/14/16

  • Xbox App #Soon
  • TangoTek & ImpulseSV are moving their streams to Friday night
  • Matt keeps a German Flag in his pocket
  • #December hint tomorrow
  • Beam Berlin Office is within the Wunderlist Office Building (Microsoft bought them last year)
  • Beam is working on a way to combat chargebacks (yay!)
  • Feedback.beam.pro
  • Mobile Streaming #Soon
  • Special Berlin Level Up Casts will be happening! #Spoilers
  • Beam Halloween Plans #Soon
  • BeamPro users will get to test some amazing stuff soon!
  • Did you know that all partners are given 1 pro & 1 sub code to give away to whoever they want each month?
  • Beam will be moving to Angular2 soon
  • Front Page will be improved greatly soon
  • Advertising will happen 2017 at latest! They want to do it right so you don't see same ad in every stream all the time for 2 weeks straight.
  • Luca doesn't know how to dab

Beam Level Up Cast Notes 9/30/16

  • December is the big month for features
  • New build of FTL OBS and you must contact Beam to get it
  • Cosmetic issues with spark earning
  • Forums are back up after outage
  • Better sorting for follower tabs in the future
  • X split FTL in December
  • Chat outage because of tool “Redis” ddosing itself
  • Working on AV1 codec support which is designed for real time workloads
  • Matt is getting a tesla
  • Games may be followable in the near future
  • Separate windows for whispers may be coming in the near future
  • restream.io getting FTL support may be in December
  • mobile bug fixes in December
  • Merch store in December
  • New logo in December
  • More attention to VOD in the near future
  • Sparks store coming in December

10/7/16 Level UP Cast Notes Forza 3 Stream & Q&A

  • OBS FTL is in Alpha Testing open to Public Tonight!
  • Closed Captioning is coming soon!

Level Up Cast Notes 9/16/16:

  • Beam was at Tech Crunch and they announced Beam is coming to Xbox in winter
  • Changing how often they announce features changes will be bigger
  • Purge command will be coming in the future
  • soon you will able to embed VODs using a link in websites and other uses
  • no lvl up cast next week they are going to minecon
  • Beam is hiring for a ton of positions
  • app for beam is being made for xbox and windows 10 and they are not talking about specifics
  • more functionality for the mobile app in December
  • 4k FTL is a thing and they talked about the alpha ftl obs and tachyon isn't going away anytime soon
  • Use the forums they might be good to get out to your community
  • Advertisement is on the back burner till the more important things happen first
  • Reworked game search system so that game database will be updated more often
  • no timeline for fixing the android app but teased that there may be a brand new app
  • Chat filter coming in December
  • Theater mode may be coming in December
  • Quality options will be coming to be relatively soon
  • Partner spotlights will be coming soon
  • monthly emoticon submissions will be beginning at the start of the new month.
  • One a month will be picked and you will have it on the list
  • potential changes to the age restriction on partnership ** Matt Leaked there is NEW BEAM LOGO #December

Beam Level Up Cast 9/9/16

  • you can link directly to your VODs
  • just reached 250,000
  • New Beam office in Berlin
  • Beam is hiring again! Apply here
  • Beam will be at Minecon 2016
  • Big announcement at TechCrunch on Sept 14
  • Mobile updates coming soon!

Until next time…



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